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The Greatest Mod… Ever?

Just stumbled on this and (as I haven’t posted in a while), thought I should share it with you all; this is another mod, but this is perhaps the greatest mod I’ve ever come across, for any game, EVER!

PC only I’m afraid, this mod add over 290 teams to the game (any of which can be used in Association Mode), most players have cyberfaces (2500 portraits added!), 60 new courts, 47 complete seasons, logos for each team, a host of retro/legend teams, draft classes going back all the way to 1976, rosters going as far back as 1951/52 and a host of other new (old!) stuff.

I’m currently downloading this myself, so I’ll add some screenshots and a full review later; but this looks absolutely amazing; the ability to start an Association Mode game in the 1970s (or any time since!), with realistic draft classes from then until the present day is a dream come true! I’m salivating at the prospect of being able to rewrite history; who doesn’t want to know what would have happened if … (you can fill in your own blank; I’m thinking the 1984 draft might be a particularly popular destination though!).

You’ll can find details of the mod (Ultimate NBA 2K14) here. I should perhaps add; this is a BIG download. Part 1 (of 7) is running close to 700MB! You WILL need a few gig of hard drive space and a fast internet connection to get this.

If this is half as good as it promises, it should keep me busy until (at least!) the NBA 2K15 release date.