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Post-draft Roster Update


Post Draft Roster Update

Surprisingly I couldn’t find an updated roster on 2KShare (maybe there is one but it is hidden in the “noise”).

After a bit of digging I found (via operationsports) that the “2K14 Ultimate Base Roster” (featured here previously), has been updated and now includes a post-draft NBA 2K14 roster. Yay!

Combined with the ability to start a new Association Mode game from “Today”, this effectively gives you a pre-free agency, NBA 2K14/15 game to play around with until the real updated version is released! (unfortunately this would also start you in the game just before the 2014 draft. There is a trade off here; either start with the current draft picks at their respective clubs at the start of 2013/14 season, or do a “live” start but with the caveat that you’ll have to go through a second generated draft – either way you’ll have a second/additional 2014 draft. I think it just feels strange having another draft when you jump into a new association game when the 2014 draft picks are already listed on their respective teams.

Edit: It is important to note that the addition of trades and draft picks has left many (most?) teams with too many (16, 17 or even 18) players, which makes trading very difficult if you start the game from the beginning of the 2013-14 season. Despite the odd feeling of having a “second draft” I’d suggest that is probably better to start a new Association game from “Today” or, should you prefer to start from the beginning of the 2013/14 season, at least edit the rosters down prior to starting a game so that each team has 13-14 players. Not doing so will severely limit your trade/free agent options through the first season).

The good news for those who’ve previously downloaded the Base Roster is that you only need to download parts 6 and 7 (which add up to just under 400mb). The bad news for those who’ve never used this update before is that the full set weighs in at over 3gb! If you’ve never heard of the base roster before I would recommend reading the previous post about the mod. This isn’t just one updated roster, you get a ton of extra content including classic rosters and drafts going way back to the 70s, dream teams, historic teams, etc, etc, and you will certainly appreciate why it is worth downloading/storing 3gb to add it to your game.

The following YouTube video explains how to install the roster (PC only I’m afraid). It isn’t too complicated to be honest. If you can find your way to the game install folder and you know how to access your Appdata folder you can probably skip the video; instructions are included in the download anyway.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to just pick out the updated 2014 post draft roster file from one archive (you need the cyber faces, updated jerseys, etc), so you will need the full set (AFAIK! If this information is incorrect and you managed to get it working with just parts 6 and 7 let me know via a comment and I’ll update this post; although they do state on Facebook/Twitter that you do need all 7 parts otherwise you’ll find missing cyberfaces, etc).

If you played the previous base 2014 roster you may have noticed the draft sets were missing signature skills, thankfully signature skills are included this time and whilst I’ve only briefly played the roster they seem accurate to me (to give you the most obvious example; Wiggins’ dunks have been featured on YouTube for years, so you’d probably expect him to have the Highlight Film and Finisher skills; check and check!).

The Bobcats are not only renamed back to Hornets, they also have a new court, jerseys and even the team introduction commentary calls them “Hornets”; impressive stuff indeed! (I was particularly impressed by the audio!). As the 29th ranked team, with a shiny new court and kit they’d make for an excellent rebuilding team in a new Association Mode game (if you can bear the pinstripes!), although my new favourite (and the Association Mode game I’ll be starting when I’ve finished writing this) is Utah (ranked one position lower, at 28); a squad where the core players are all aged around 22, with a nice distribution between positions, and $30 million(+) in cap space? Yes please!

I’ve focused quite heavily on Association Mode in this post, whilst there is a dedicated Association Mode roster there is also the more fully featured set which includes both the updated roster and the classic/dream teams. You can load up either roster set and use it for a quick game, blacktop or even a new MyCareer game! (although you’d probably want to use the latter roster set if you’re not playing Association Mode or MyCareer).

Note: at the time of writing Elfrid Payton (Orlando) is missing his head (hopefully just in the game!). You might want to consider deleting him from the roster or, if you’ve already started a game, edit his stats down so he isn’t in the rotation. They are usually pretty snappy at fixing these things so this might be out of date by the time you read this post/download the update.  (Edit: The missing cyberfaces were due to an error between chair and keyboard (i.e. Me!). I had previous versions of the files in my downloads folder and accidentally unrar’d a previous version of one of the files. Luckily they have version numbers, so I managed to spot my own mistake before ranting about the other players missing body parts!).

P.S. I said in my last post, posted a while back, that zones would be relevant to my next post. That post (a list of role players in each position for use in your Association Mode team, from the official 2K roster) is still saved as a draft and needs a bit of work before being posted. Unfortunately I had some exams and had to abandon writing it temporarily (god-damn real life getting in the way of gaming/basketball!), but I’m hoping to have it posted soon. Thanks for being patient.

Andrew Wiggins (2014 no1 draft pick).

Andrew Wiggins (2014 no1 draft pick).


Embid, Wiggins, Parker, Vonleh Blacktop


Funky New Charlotte Hornets Court


“New” (old?) Hornets – Tip Off


Wiggins – Cavs (Deng has a 1 year deal as this was from the start of the 2013/14 season)


Charlotte Hornets in NBA 2K14 – Noah Vonleh

Doug McDermott

Doug McDermott, also note Anthony Randolph trade is complete (bottom of picture).


Anne Boleyn, playing for Orlando.

Anne Boleyn, playing for Orlando (an example of what happens when you install the wrong files!).