NBA 2K15 (Screenshots)

2K have released another batch of preview screenshots for the soon-to-arrive 2015 update to the series.

I’d recommend checking out the least “shiny” ones (i.e. the ones not featuring players) first and examining them a little more closely (clicking on the screenshots below should give you the full 1080p version), as these shots show some major changes in the various game modes.

From the bits of information I can gather from the screenshots, MY GM mode (for those who didn’t own next-gen 2K14; this mode effectively replaced Association Mode) has had a major make over, with aspiring-GMs able to see which body parts are injury prone on scouted players, social media (twitter-style) news feeds for draft targets, DraftExpress (and possibly others, not included in the screenshots?) mock drafts and scouting reports available prior to the draft (if you look closely at the draft reports you can also see player wingspan is included this year!), and the Player Development screen seems to suggest that you can add RPG style attribution points (hopefully not VC based!) to develop your players!

NBA2K15_Thunder_Ibaka NBA2K15_Rubio NBA2K15_MyLEAGUE_04 NBA2K15_MyLEAGUE_03 NBA2K15_MyLEAGUE_02_1080p NBA2K15_MyLEAGUE_01_1080p NBA2K15_MyGM_SimCast_1080p NBA2K15_MyGM_Scouting_Prospect_Card_1080p NBA2K15_MyGM_In-Season_PlayerDevelopment NBA2K15_MyGM_DraftExpress_MockDraft NBA2K15_MyGM_AndrewBogut_BodyHealth NBA2K15_Knicks_Calderon NBA2K15_Knicks_Calderon(2) NBA2K15_Grizzlies_MGasol NBA2K15_GC2014_01 NBA2K15_Bulls_PGasol NBA2K15_0211 NBA2K15_0207 NBA2K15_0205 NBA2K15_0203 NBA2K15_0168 NBA2K15_0161 NBA2K15_0153 NBA 2K15_n


3 thoughts on “NBA 2K15 (Screenshots)

  1. Jar

    This game sucks, it is way to hard to shoot in this game. U can’t even make wide open threes with steph curry in this game. Don’t waste ur money on this crappy game

    1. KS Post author

      Thanks for your comment. TBH, I pretty much gave up on this site because I found 2K to be incredible inaccessible. Repeated basic requests for anything (even copies of press releases, let alone something like (p)review copies) went totally unanswered for the best part of a year. So I eventually gave up, and now just play the game (and write about other things, time permitting!).


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