This blog is dedicated to the NBA2K series of games. The launch of this blog coincides with the launch of NBA2K14, so you can expect most of the content of the blog to be about that game (until ’15 arrives!). However, I may revisit older revisions of the game from time to time.

I envisage that the majority of the blog’s 2K14 features will almost certainly be dedicated to Association Mode and My Career. I may touch on multiplayer features and elements; there will be blog updates and features on other parts of the game as I get to them, but I spent the majority of my time in NBA2K13 in Association Mode (and a couple of maxed out My Career players – the two aren’t mutually exclusive and doing well in My Career can help you in Association Mode with things like exclusively designed shoes with useful Association Mode stats). I currently own the PC version of NBA2K14 (and will probably buy the Xbox One version when it arrives). The PC versions does differ from the Xbox/PS3 version in many ways, but the core of Association Mode and My Career are the same (the main difference being the use of VC for player upgrades on the console whilst SP is used on the PC).

In addition to these features there will, of course, be news of official and unofficial 2K14 updates (patches, roster updates, court and jersey updates, cyber faces, complete team mods, etc).

P.S. This blog is independent of 2K Games. I am in no way associated with 2K Sports, 2K Games or have any other connection with the 2K set of companies. This is a fan site and all comments made (apart from those in comment boxes) are my own and do not represent the views of 2K Games.


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