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The release date for NBA 2K15 is now just a couple of months away (October 10th). I haven’t really given the 2014/15 season NBA 2K game much coverage yet, so here’s the official NBA 2K15 cover, and a still from the official 2K15 launch video.

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K 15 Official Cover

As we can see; Kevin Durant is the cover star, the number of Euroleague teams has been increased to 25 (up from 14 – see screenshot below for a full list) with the in-game music now chosen by Pharrell Williams.

NBA 2K Video

Your Time Has Come

This screenshot provides us with a bit more information, as well as the game release date it features the hashtag (#YourTimeHasCome), as well as information on the “Kevin Durant MVP” pre-order bonus pack (not available on Playstation Store, we’re told), comprising of 5K VC, “My TEAM” (or “MyTEAM”, depending on which paragraph you believe) card packs and some exclusive MyPlayer leg sleeves (!?!).

The choice of an international My TEAM player certainly seems to reflect the global appeal of NBA (2K), with prominent international NBA players chosen to represent their respective countries. Perhaps this is an indication that 2K have incorporated some international features into the game? A My Team international multiplayer mode? The chance to represent your country while player My Player perhaps? (or maybe I’m reading too much into a marketing ploy).

NBA 2K15 Euroleague

NBA 2K15 Euroleague team list

I’ll post more news as I get it, in the meantime I’ll be posting a retrospective look at NBA 2K14 (both versions; current and next gen), as well as some hopes for the 10th October release in the coming days.

2K15 Eureleauge/Release Date

NBA 2K15 – 25 Eureleague teams.


NBA 2K13 Tips: Hot Zones and Cold Zones

Okay, this video was made for NBA 2K13, but the advice is good and remains sound for NBA 2K14. The reason I’m posting this now will become clearer in my next post (its a long post, currently just a draft, but the information will feature zones, so this information will be relevant).

This video explains zones better than I could describe by writing about them. He uses nice in-game examples of how cold and hot zones affect shooting (and the type of shot you’ll get off in a zone), this video is certainly worth 2 minutes of your time!

The Greatest Mod… Ever?

Just stumbled on this and (as I haven’t posted in a while), thought I should share it with you all; this is another mod, but this is perhaps the greatest mod I’ve ever come across, for any game, EVER!

PC only I’m afraid, this mod add over 290 teams to the game (any of which can be used in Association Mode), most players have cyberfaces (2500 portraits added!), 60 new courts, 47 complete seasons, logos for each team, a host of retro/legend teams, draft classes going back all the way to 1976, rosters going as far back as 1951/52 and a host of other new (old!) stuff.

I’m currently downloading this myself, so I’ll add some screenshots and a full review later; but this looks absolutely amazing; the ability to start an Association Mode game in the 1970s (or any time since!), with realistic draft classes from then until the present day is a dream come true! I’m salivating at the prospect of being able to rewrite history; who doesn’t want to know what would have happened if … (you can fill in your own blank; I’m thinking the 1984 draft might be a particularly popular destination though!).

You’ll can find details of the mod (Ultimate NBA 2K14) here. I should perhaps add; this is a BIG download. Part 1 (of 7) is running close to 700MB! You WILL need a few gig of hard drive space and a fast internet connection to get this.

If this is half as good as it promises, it should keep me busy until (at least!) the NBA 2K15 release date.

Potential – The 2013 NBA draft and how it affects NBA2K14

Yesterday I wrote about how potential has changed in NBA2K14 (from previous versions of the game), to cut the long story short (although it will help if you read the article); potential now acts as a static cap (once a player reaches an overall level equal to his potential, the game will stop “growing” the player during the end-of-season player changes), previously potential would rise as a player improved, that is no-longer the case. Potential can only rise by putting a player through training camp. This change has had a profound effect on Association Mode (read the article for more info).

While writing about potential, I used last year’s no1 draft pick Anthony Davis as an example. I never really considered applying the potential cap to the 2013 draft, until now!

NBA 2013 Draft – NBA 2K14 Potential and Overall Rating.

(NBA 2013 draft, sorted by NBA2K14 Potential – high > low)

Pick Name Pos Team (original!) POT OVR
6 Nerlens Noel C New Orleans Pelicans (traded to Philadelphia)[A] 88 71 17
1 Anthony Bennett PF/SF Cleveland Cavaliers 86 76 10
2 Victor Oladipo SG/PG Orlando Magic 86 76 10
7 Ben McLemore SG Sacramento Kings 85 72 13
9 Trey Burke PG Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Utah)[B] 85 73 12
10 C. J. McCollum PG/SG Portland Trail Blazers 85 72 13
11 Michael Carter-Williams PG/SG Philadelphia 76ers 85 69 16
3 Otto Porter SF Washington Wizards 84 74 10
8 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SG Detroit Pistons 83 70 13
4 Cody Zeller PF/C Charlotte Bobcats 82 68 14
5 Alex Len C Phoenix Suns 78 62 16
13 Kelly Olynyk C Dallas Mavericks (traded to Boston)[C] 78 68 10
12 Steven Adams C Oklahoma City Thunder (from Toronto via Houston)[a] 73 57 16
18 Shane Larkin PG Atlanta Hawks (from Houston via Brooklyn,[b] traded to Dallas)[D] 73 70 3
17 Dennis Schröder PG Atlanta Hawks 72 66 6
23 Solomon Hill SF Indiana Pacers 72 62 10
24 Tim Hardaway, Jr. SG New York Knicks 72 69 3
29 Archie Goodwin SG Oklahoma City Thunder (traded to Phoenix via Golden State) [E][G] 72 68 4
30 Nemanja Nedović PG Phoenix Suns (from Miami via Cleveland and LA Lakers,[c][f] traded to Golden State)[G] 72 63 9
21 Gorgui Dieng C Utah Jazz (from Golden State via Brooklyn,[d] traded to Minnesota)[B] 71 64 7
14 Shabazz Muhammad SG/SF Utah Jazz (traded to Minnesota)[B] 70 65 5
15 Giannis Antetokounmpo G/F Milwaukee Bucks 70 60 10
19 Sergey Karasev SG/SF Cleveland Cavaliers (from LA Lakers)[c] 70 60 10
25 Reggie Bullock SF Los Angeles Clippers 70 64 6
20 Tony Snell SF Chicago Bulls 68 62 6
22 Mason Plumlee C Brooklyn Nets 68 61 7
26 André Roberson PF Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis via Houston,[e] traded to Oklahoma City via Golden State)[E] 68 63 5
27 Rudy Gobert C Denver Nuggets (traded to Utah)[F] 66 52 14
16 Lucas Nogueira# C Boston Celtics (traded to Atlanta via Dallas)[C][D] 0 0 0
28 Livio Jean-Charles SF San Antonio Spurs 0 0 0

POS – Positions player can play (taken from wikipedia – not all are reflected in game!)
POT – Player potential: the maximum overall level a player can reach.
OVR – Overall: the starting statistic for the player (not including any +/- for team chemistry)

Note: All values are v1 preseason stats and may change in future updates. Players with 0/0 are not currently in the game. Should you notice any mistakes please tweet me @NBA2KBlogger (in the current game database, please don’t contact me a month or more from now to rectify a stat, because in that first month+ of the season 2K has likely updated the stats to reflect the Zeitgeist!).

(draft information is from the Wikipedia NBA 2013 Draft page all other information is from the NBA2K14 game database).

How does this affect NBA2K14?

In the article yesterday the 2012 no 1 pick, Anthony Davis, had a potential of 93. I think the potentials above are a fair reflection of this year’s draft, if Davis had been available for this draft he would have been the favourite for the no1 pick again (although it will take a while to properly assess the 2013 draftees!).

Interestingly the only player who has a chance of hitting a true 99 overall without using Untapped Potential at least twice (and doing a lot of extra training) is Nerlens Noel, who would probably reach 99 with just a single Untapped Potential and a lot of training (he should hit late 90s with a single Untapped Potential if you use it in the first season, and with team chemistry he could hit 99 without training. But as a rookie you would probably put him through some drills/training anyway to smoove off those rough edges/increase his best stats! I showed yesterday that you can break the potential “cap limit” by using training camps/drills).

There are a lot of players who are already very close to maxing out their stats. Shane Larkin and Tim Hardaway, Jr. are only 3 points away from reaching their potential (so you will probably max them out in the first season, or see very little gain!). Snell will probably max out in a season or two, as will Shabazz Muhammad (which is a shame because he has some great dunks and a nice set of skills and even worse, I’ve just signed him on my Bulls save game!). It is arguable whether it is worth keeping these players at all! You can’t send them to training camp until after the first season has finished (and the rookie season usually sees the biggest boosts in stats), and even then the potential will only be high 70s/low 80s. They aren’t going to turn into superstar players (without cheating or a boost later in the year from 2K). They certainly aren’t first team caliber and you might be better to trade them for a player with higher potential or better base stats!

The biggest gaps (between starting rating and potential, effectively the players with the most room to grow; although you should note, that is NOT the same as a list of the players who will turn out to be the best! For example, Gobert is listed here as 14, but only has 66 potential, the difference is high because he starts with even more terrible base stats!) are:

Nerlens Noel (17)
Michael Carter-Williams, Alex Len and Steven Adams (16)
Cody Zeller and Rudy Gobert (14)
Ben McLemore, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and C. J. McCollum (13)
and finally Trey Burke with (12)

(the rest of the players from the first round of the 2013 draft are all 10 or under in overall>potential ratio).

So what have we learned about the 2013 draft? Certainly those players at the top of the list are worth getting. A team consisting of Burke, Oladipo (who isn’t listed as a PG in the game currently), Porter, Bennett and Noel would grow into a great team and you’ll have a lot of fun with them, especially if you can gain enough points to use untapped potential early enough in their careers (although you’d probably be better off picking one or two players from any one draft year, due to the limit on points available for Untapped Potential, expensive at 75 points a pop!).

I think the first thing I’ll be aiming for in my current game is a Davis, Noel pairing! As an aside, I wonder if Wiggins will enter NBA2K15 with 99 potential? (I believe only James has 99 pot’ in the current game. Durant has 98, I haven’t seen any others as high as that, although Paul George has had a nice increase with 95 potential and will become (already is!) a beast!).