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NBA Live 14 – Next Gen Gameplay trailer.

I’m not going to be blogging about NBA Live, but given I’ve just posted a video of NBA2K14 on (next-?)next-gen hardware I thought this video would make an interesting comparison, as it has also just been released.

You might probably expect a “fanboi” bias on the “NBA2k Blog”, but even trying to put my neutral hat on for a second, this trailer makes the next-gen version NBA Live look worse than the current-gen NBA2K14! The graphics certainly look current gen (I’m tempted to say “last gen”! It almost looks like a PS2 title!).

The section were Derrick Rose scores looks terrible, it doesn’t look like real basketball (either televised or playing/watching the game in real life) the play runs too quickly, the movement is jerky and the players don’t look fluid whilst in motion. It just doesn’t look realistic, and who the hell did they find to do the graphics for Steve Nash? Seriously, just pause it between 16 and 20 seconds and tell me who you think that looks like (answers on a postcard, or a comment, because it sure as shit doesn’t resemble Nash, in the slightest!). The majority of the comments under the video on youtube are very critical.

Despite what you may think I’m taking no pleasure in this looking bad. Believe it or not I actually do WANT this game to be good (and I may even review the real thing), for the purely selfish reason that I think it will help improve future NBA2K titles (and as you may have guessed, I am an NBA2K addict!). I think it is healthy when there is competition and while NBA2K took a massive step in 2011, the improvements since then have been somewhat subtle and gradual in nature (with each successive title building on the previous one).

If NBA Live turns out to be a good game and it is successful it will hopefully push 2K games into adding extra features and also encourage them to improve existing features more than they may do if NBA Live is a bust. Another great leap forward might catch everyone by surprise like NBA2K11 did (which IGN called “the best sports game of this generation” and G4tv stating “not only the best basketball game I’ve ever played, it’s one of the best sports games I’ve ever played, and a serious contender for Game of the Year”).

So should we (self proclaimed NBA2K fans) care about NBA Live? Yes, because it might help keep 2K sports on their toes!